Why lumion is online and why BcgTeam crack work online

Why lumion is online and why BcgTeam crack work online

The question that many friends have is, why Lumion 10 activation method is online?
Does it pose a threat to us online?
Why doesn’t your team provide offline crack ?
What is the difference between offline crack and online version?
In response to questions from friends, I have to say that the license system runs on the original version of Lumion is online. The bcg team’s mission is to make minimal changes to the original files and even manipulate the fewer files, as much as possible. while the final cracked version is no different from the original. In the case of Lumion software, in addition to the above, software offline does not allow parts of it to function. Like “open street map”.
Also on security issues for users who use the crack version, you should know that no personal information is sent to the lumion’s servers when running the software. Only the system name, activation code, and a few other licenses are sent. ‘The cracked version will only send inaccurate information’. you will then remain anonymous when working with the application. Unfortunately on some forums, some friends try to scare users from online crack for some reason, while the offline crack they are promoting is also online. Why? Note that you are prompted to change your “host” file. This means that you must manually disconnect Lumion from its servers, otherwise the program will send your information to the server. And unlike our crack, it does not send inaccurate information. In addition to having to adjust your system settings. if you make a mistake in system setting, program will not running and you will be at risk. Please do not pay attention to inaccurate advertise like crack 100% offline, crack absolutely safe and always use valid crack. Of course, we do not rule out the existing offline crack, but hopefully friends who have a lot of support in the forums but do not have enough expertise in the field will not give misleading comments. Every crack need a solution.
We have our own policy in the sale or delivery of freeware that we may sell or supply in accordance with the conditions of our country, the needs of users or the conditions of the original production companies.and we try to minimize the damage to the original manufacturer.

Try to always use cracks from reliable sources.

Best regards.
Bundlecg Team.

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